Keep the lights on with tax reliefs

This article in goes into significant detail about the tax relief services that UK Businesses can enjoy, so It’s not surprising that amid all the fears of energy inflation, driven in part by the Government’s introduction of the carbon price floor last April, that 60% of UK businesses are looking hard at ways to improve their energy efficiency this year. Of all the options available to businesses, including investing in behavioural change programmes and on-site generation, upgrading to greener lighting systems might seem the quickest fix – and might also promise the best return on investment. After all, lighting accounts for on average a third of a building’s electricity use – a figure which hasn’t changed in a quarter of a decade, since the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. 

Let’s say you’ve decided on an upgrade, for cost-saving and/or environmental reasons, and you’ve chosen an energy-efficient lighting technology. So far, so good. You’ve also locked down a specific lighting design for your building(s), which includes lamps, fixtures and controls, as well as choices concerning adjusting colour and intensity. Even better. 

You might at this stage think you’re well on the way to saving up to 40% of your lighting energy costs, according to The Carbon Trust. But you might be mistaken, because you might not have given enough thought to how you are going to pay for it all. It’s easy to blow a significant amount of those potential cost savings on an inefficient financing model.  Continue reading more here