Upgrade your Lights using our Pay as you go service

Have you often thought it would be nice to upgrade all my lights to LED but you have been put off because you can’t justify the expenditure?

We recognise that many Business want to upgrade some or all of their lights but simply don’t have enough spare resource to finance the costs involved so many business are now choosing to replace some of their lights using our Pay As You Go upgrade service.

LED lighting upgrade

LED lighting upgrade









You already know that your current lights are going to blow or fail, so rather than replace them with like for like, why not replace them with an energy efficient LED bulb or tube instead.  That way you get the upgrade you want but in an affordable way which have to do anyway.

Why not let us provide you with this easy affordable option.  Call us today on 0845 838 5242 or fill out the form and we will work out your PAYG prices in an instant.