Hotel Refurbishment Contractor Completes  Restaurant LED Lighting Upgrade

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The Hotel sector is highly competitive and with substantial revenues coming from the sales to guests it was vital that Ramada Hotels in the UK keep up with serving quality Food and Drinks to their clients, however with many years of under investments due to the Economy, sales had declined and therefore the Group have undertaken an extensive refurbishment programme to upgrade the Restaurants and Bar areas to their UK hotels, and part of that was to undertake a Restaurant LED Lighting upgrade.

LED Professionals have been involved with an upgrade programme for the Ramada Hotel Group via their Refurbishment Contractor ISG Retail who have been engaged on a number of projects throughout their South Eastern properties. The first project to be complete was the Ramada Hatfield.

Breakfast Buffet at the Ramada Hatfield in Hatfield, United Kingdom

The Refurbishments have been extensive with both Restaurants and Bars being closed to allow for the works to be undertaken.

The first project at Hatfield involved a complete re-design of their electrical distribution, a new lighting control system which is tied into to both occupancy and use of Natural daylight where feasible as well as designing a complete low Energy lighting solution using the best available technology that will allow for virtually zero maintenance and very low running costs when compared to the previous system.

However it wasn’t all plain sailing as the architect wanted to use some track light fixtures that were just plainly not suitable for the use of LED lamps. The fixtures would have generated too much heat as LED’s ideally need good airflow to dissipate the heat so working with us we suggested some alternatives that we had used previously which proved a good alternative.

We designed, supplied and worked with the clients installers to provide a mixture of LED tubes, LED down lights, LED Panels, LED display lights and LED task lights.  The system can be controlled locally and can be zoned for low occupancy or at times when the whole system was not required, all from a PC, tablet or smartphone.  The system payback will be 10 months and the electrical consumption is now 1.9p Kw/h and there is no maintenance required on the lights for a predicted 15 years saving substantial amounts of time and materials.

The next phase of further hotels is approaching so our teams will be busy helping our clients with their designs.

Do you have a Hotel, Restaurant or Bar that could benefit from better quality light at a low running cost with virtually zero maintenance? Get in touch today on 0844 884 9564 or by email