Restaurant LED Lighting Retrofit


Heron on the Lake Interior

Heron on the Lake Interior

Pub Company McMullens have a number of venue pubs/restaurants located throughout the South of England and their most southerly pub The Heron on the Lake were spending a substantial amount across all the different lighting types and were sourcing replacement lamps from a local expensive supplier. So they decided on a Restaurant LED Lighting retrofit using our LED replacements with our Pay as they fail service.

The pub/restaurant has now been entirely retrofitted over a 9 month period

The additional benefit is the savings.  Rather than a total KW consumption of 10.3p Kw/h the new LED replacements provide a reduction down to 1.2Kw/hand a fast payback of 7.9 months if they decide to replace everything in one go.

So they are now starting to see the benefits and have started to roll these out across the rest of the estate.

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