PAYG Lighting Upgrade

Headcase Barbers LED Lights

When Headcase Barbers in Fleet, Hampshire wanted to upgrade their expensive downlights they were faced with an expensive looking proposition.

Their old lights amounted to over 50 x GU10 downlights and they were blowing at the rate of 2-3 every few weeks.  Not only that, they were costing over £1,000 a year just to run the lights!  To replace them all with more efficient and reliable LED alternatives although a logical route proved just too expensive to change in one go for this new franchise business.

Fortunately having made contact with us here at Led Professionals we were able to carry out a lighting upgrade using a PAYG alternative.  Rather than having to find a substantial up-front investment it was agreed that we would provide an LED alternative to replace the old failing GU10 bulbs as and when they fail.  So now slowly the old units are being replaced with reliable and efficient LED alternatives which not only don’t need replacing for around 50,000 hours but also save 90% of their electric bill.

To find out and see the project for yourself here is a map of where they are.

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