Football – you can take it or leave it a bit like Marmite really, and with news that the worlds biggest football club and a global brand – Manchester United are now seeking a new manager where does that leave that thought in your mind and is that your next managerial challenge?  Whether you love it or hate it it just shows that unless you deliver success to your shareholders you are at risk of losing your job!

Personally speaking (and I am no Man United fan) – but David Moyes was instilled by Sir Alex Ferguson the most successful football manager ever!  It was his judgement and recommendation to the Man U board that he should take over the mantle of running the club.  Well  certainly as far as football is concerned.

However the Man U brand has been built steadily on the back of numerous Premier league title wins and other cups – too many to list here.  So you are probably thinking what has this got to do with Energy efficient lighting I hear you ask? So here we go.

Manchester United apart from all the success on the pitch is also a massive business with a large Corporate responsibility (CSR) which extends into the global community. Goods that are made in their various factories and sold in their shops and venues throughout the world all consume energy.  Being a responsible business they have to demonstrate that they consider their global impact on workers and their places of work and the energy those places consume and how to minimise the impact on the environment.

Man U have started to roll out a programme that reduces energy in each and every location from their stadium to a retail shop and that includes upgrading their lights, as well as other measures such as when the lights are used based on time and occupancy.

So if you down want your managerial career going down the tubes why not have a look at your business and where you can save money.


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