Take control of your Lighting Maintenance

Businesses need proactive and cost-effective lighting maintenance services. For years we’ve been delivering exactly that, including illuminated sign maintenance and electrical testing to ensure you comply with Health & Safety regulations.

We only charge for call-outs and labour in an emergency at pre-agreed rates, and we don’t ask you to sign any long-term contracts. It’s the perfect PAYG contract – You only pay for the parts we install, at prices on an agreed price list. Our engineers – all fully trained and qualified and take on delivering a first-class service throughout London & South East England. We make light work of lighting maintenance, to give you peace of mind.

Lighting maintenance

lighting-maintenanceOur solution for your quality lighting maintenance is simple and cost-effective – ideal for facilities/building managers with many services to look after.

Every 6 weeks our qualified engineers will visit each of your sites, whether there is maintenance work to do or not. On each visit they will change only the lamps and fittings that have failed, keeping your lighting levels to a high standard.  To make life even easier and if preferred we can start to replace these failed lamps or bulbs with high quality LED’s, which is an ideal way to upgrade your lighting without having to pay up-front for a whole office/shop replacement project.

We will only charge for call-outs or labour if you have an emergency, and we don’t ask you to sign any long-term contracts as we work on a rolling 4 month PAYG programme. You only pay for the parts we install, at prices we agree in advance. We only earn money if we attend each visit promptly and work efficiently.

We like to put you in complete control. Our engineers require that your site manager signs off any lighting maintenance work or electrical maintenance work we have undertaken. You retain control of costs at all times and can set individual limits per site.

Our most common lighting maintenance services include:

Security lighting maintenance

Non-functioning security lighting offers no security or safety and may invalidate some insurance policies. But if properly installed and maintained, security lighting gives you the protection you require.

  • Our engineers will check and change lamps and fittings that have failed, including:
  • PIR (passive infrared) lights,
  • Vandal-proof lights,
  • Escape route lighting,
  • Floodlighting for CCTV systems,

Planned re-lamping

Looking to upgrade your lighting, or to completely re-lamp your sites? We offer a planned re-lamp contract over a period to suit your business; furthermore we can do this in a specific area or zone to suit your budget. We will visit your sites to determine what is required. Then, once you have agreed the fixed-price cost and schedule, we carry out a complete re-lamp using the latest state of the art technology which can include LED’s. Your costs will be spread over equal monthly payments and we guarantee a certain lamp life, whose duration depends on the product supplied. Contact us about planned lighting maintenance

Electrical testing

electrical-testingAll electrical installations deteriorate over time, and the Health and Safety Executive recommends regularly inspecting and testing in all workplaces – typically every three or five years – to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

The aim of our flexible, planned electrical testing solution is to make light work of what might otherwise be a major undertaking. If required, we perform testing during shut-down periods or out of hours. This minimises the disruption caused by having to isolate parts of your installation at different stages during the testing.

Anywhere you need them, our reliable, professional engineers can help you to test:

Emergency lighting maintenance

Emergency Lighting MaintenanceWe survey, test and recommend changes – if required to your emergency lighting systems to make sure you comply with the latest regulations. And then we can help to plan, install and maintain all your emergency lighting, including bulkhead lighting, self-contained lighting, outside lighting, maintained and non-maintained lighting and emergency exit signage.

Portable appliances

You are required by law to regularly test every portable item of electrical equipment, however small, used in the workplace – these include portable heaters, computers, computer screens etc.

Our trained specialists use the latest equipment to test all your electrical appliances and then provide an unbiased report and list of your electrical assets. If any electrical equipment fails the test, we will notify you right away. Contact us about electrical testing.

Electrical contracting

Wherever you are, we offer a number of electrical contract services:

Minor electrical works

Minor+Electrical+WorksNeed to add a light fitting? Or replace an electrical socket? Using our trained engineers for all your minor electrical works will save you on time and admin effort. They will arrange a quotation, carry out the work in a professional and efficient way, test the work, and then issue a certificate. This will give you peace of mind and ensure you comply with all health and safety regulations.

Electrical remedial repairs

Keeping your electrical systems safe and in good repair is an essential part of any maintenance schedule. It ensures that you comply with health and safety legislation, your employees are safe and your insurance policies are valid. Following a fixed wiring inspection test, our engineers will repair or replace any failed electrical systems or equipment – everything from conduits and wiring to sockets, light fittings and switches – to meet our pre-agreed budgets. We can do this outside of normal hours if necessary, to minimise any disruption it causes. Once we have completed the work, we will issue a minor works or electrical certificate.

Electrical project work

Our trained engineers can help with any type of electrical project work you might have, providing a quality service at an affordable price. They can replace or install any type of light – both indoors and outside, and cope with the most complex of electrical projects – from swapping out old outdated fluorescent fittings for more energy efficient fittings, to designing and installing a new power supply for a photocopier.

Electrical energy saving recommendations

There are many great reasons to change to more energy-efficient light fittings and lamps: you save money, and you help your organisation to be more environmentally friendly.  Lighting alone represents 40% of your total electricity bill. We offer a complete solution. We will supply a full survey of all your sites and then produce an energy saving report to show you exactly how much you can reduce your Bill by. We keep abreast of fast-changing legislation to ensure you will not be seen to be wasting energy.

We can identify potential savings made by using high-frequency fittings, induction lighting, T5 or LED lighting. We can fit daylight sensors – so that lights switch off if there is sufficient daylight, timers, mirror reflectors and much more to help reduce your energy consumption and save money. We will also supply costs and payback schedules to show you the benefits of going green.

Electrical asset register

We can provide an accurate site-by-site register of all your lighting equipment and electrical assets as part of our lighting maintenance service. This helps you to plan and control your maintenance programme and to keep tight control of cost. It’s also useful if you plan to phase in more energy-efficient lighting in the future.

Meter readings

meter-readingsTaking accurate meter readings on a regular basis, over many sites, can be a difficult and time-consuming exercise especially with all the different types of meters, both digital and analogue. However, it is essential to enable you to keep control of budgets for your utilities costs.

As part of our engineers’ regular visits to your sites to maintain your lights, we are able to offer a meter reading service. By asking us to handle all your meter reading you can be sure of accurate readings on a regular basis. This will allow you to budget more accurately, spot sites where usage is high and possibly negotiate with your utilities provider for a more advantageous rate. So why not let us take the hassle out of your meter reading.

External lighting

external-lightingWherever you are, you can take the hassle out of your outside lighting maintenance with our simple cost-effective solution. Every eight weeks our qualified engineers will visit each of your sites, to check all of your outside lighting, including illuminated signs, security lighting and car park lighting. On each visit they will change only the lamps and fittings that have failed, to make sure you have the correct lighting levels that you require. We only charge for emergency call-outs and labour, and we don’t ask you to sign any long-term contracts. You only pay for the parts we install, at prices on an agreed price list.

The way we work puts you in complete control. Equipped with worksheets, our engineers require that your site manager signs off any lighting maintenance work or electrical maintenance work we have undertaken. You retain control of costs at all times and can set individual limits per site.

We can access and maintain all types of outside lighting, including:

  • high-level lights,
  • bollards,
  • lampposts,
  • walkway lights,
  • architectural floodlights,
  • Weather-proof lights (IP rated),
  • Wall washers, and low-level lights.

Exterior Illuminated sign maintenance

Faulty illuminated signs can look unprofessional and damage your company’s image. Our engineers take care of this problem. They visit your sites at regular intervals, dismantle the signage, replace any failed lamps or switch gear, and clean all panels and diffusers to guarantee the best performance from your signs.