Lightwave RF Home Automation


Lightwave RF Home Automation


The Lightwave RF Home Automation system is the beginning of a new revolution in home automation technology. It is a breakthrough in design that, for the first time, has allowed a range of sophisticated and stylishly crafted devices to be assembled that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

The concept of home automation has been around for many years however it never become mainstream due to the high cost and complexity of the solutions on offer.

The Lightwave RF has already changed all of this by offering a high level of sophistication and functionality at a fraction of the price of most other systems.

Complexity and costly installations has been eliminated by making all the products wireless and retrofiatble or even ‘plug & play’. Everything is completely modular; so you can add as little or as much as you like when and where you want. Start with just a single plug-in socket, and over time create an entire wireless smart house!

All Lightwave RF devices are compatible and can be remotely controlled from Lightwave RF handheld remote, PIR sensors, or even a smart phones or iPad. Be it from your own lounge, office or even whilst on holiday, you can now have direct control of your home or office.

These are just some of the features that LightwaveRF provides:
* Remote control of power sockets and lighting
* Theatre-style mood lighting control including soft start dimming
* Remote zoned central heating control
* Lockable sockets and dimmers for added family security
* Live eco energy monitoring and management
* Complete remote control via a smart phone or internet based PC
* Ability to create intelligent moods, scenes and sequences

Lightwave RF is incredibly quick and easy to set up and operate. Considerable effort has been put into making our products as simple to use as any other everyday device; so a socket and a dimmer will work as any other socket or dimmer, just with a little extra cleverness if you need it.

You can find out full information when you download our PDF Brochure by clicking on lightwave flyer

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