LED Lighting in Commercial Office Buildings


LED Commercial Office Lighting


Commercial Offices often have large areas with open plan layouts and therefore have a variety of general office lighting systems such as fluorescent and halogen down lights installed depending on the age and type of construction and these general areas therefore don’t need special directional lights.  These fluorescent fittings are commonly recessed into a false ceiling and can be either square or rectangular or they could be simply mounted direct under the concrete ceiling as there may not be a false ceiling.

We don’t expect you to automatically know what lamp type you have got – there are just too many types and unless you poke you head up from the top of some ladders you will never know either.  So why not let us come to you and we can tell you what you have got now, what they are costing you to use, and how much CO2 they are emitting.

Once we have carried out a lightig audit, we can then work out all of the LED Commercial office lighting options available through either an upgrade or replacement options with the best light quality, longevity, maintenance charge and of course the lowest running costs all designed to suit your budget and with an accurate payback.

We offer a range of alternatives available and no matter what your lighting type we can determine what you have now – and what you can have as a replacement

We can also help you with installing them too through our network of independent vetted, and qualified electricians who will be glad to visit and help you with a designed supplied and installed package

So let us know what you want to achieve and we will work out a nice design and work out the correct number of lights that you need.

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