Multi Storey Car Park LED Lighting



How often do you drive past an empty or closed Multi Storey Car park only to find that all of the lights are on? Don’t you ever ask yourself how much energy is being wasted? It is common to find Fluorescent tubes being used in these situations and can therefore be easily upgraded.

Many car parks of course operate 24 hours/day and therefore need reliable low/no maintenance lights.  Additionally high output lighting needs to be considered along with occupancy sensors so switch them on/off only when needed.  Our intelligent LED upgrades tubes have built-in motion sensors so they only work when there is movement and if controlled properly will only switch on each area as needed.

There may well also be Canopy and Flood Lights all of which have to be considered as suitable depending on the usage and occupation times. Ceiling heights often dictate the type of lights used or needed.

Our Multi Storey Car Park LED Lighting systems are robust and hard wearing and can also be attractive and safe.

Let us work out all of the options available to you with the best light quality, longevity, lowest maintenance charge and of course the lowest running costs all designed to suit your budget and with an accurate payback.

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We offer a range of alternatives available and no matter what your lighting type we can determine what you have now – and what you can use as an upgrade without necessarily having to replace any of the fittings.

We can also help you with installing them too through our network of independent vetted, and qualified electricians who will be glad to visit and help you with a designed supplied and installed package

Intelligent LED Car Park Tubes with movement sensor

Intelligent LED Car Park Tubes with movement sensor

Car Park Fluorescent LED Upgrade

Car Park Fluorescent LED Upgrade

So let us know what you want to achieve and we will work out a nice design and work out the correct number of lights that you need. Tel 0844 884 9564 or email