Industrial Warehouse LED Lighting

Industrial Warehouse Led Lighting

Factories, Industrial Distribution Centres – The Lighting Options

High-bay environments are unique – and as an owner or operator you face many and various challenges. With increased emphasis on cost and energy efficiency and with the high cost and major disruption associated with maintenance, reviewing your current Industrial Warehouse LED Lighting set-up, especially with the advent of new technology, is a must.

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Due to the nature, height and use of these large buildings it has been very difficult to light them adequately for the use that they are being used for.  In many cases there are people undertaking packing, picking, loading and commonly there could be a number of Fork Trucks running throughout accessing high-level racking.  Consequently the right kind of lighting is very important for the use that it’s intended.

In many cases High-Bays with traditional Metal Halide lamps have been used, in others multiple fluorescent fittings, so there is not necessarily a one-size fits all when considering an LED retrofit solution.

Solutions that work

We sometimes recommend that the best alternative products to traditional HIDs, which might be a fluorescent solution. Alternatively we can advise you on the latest generation of low maintenance, energy saving LED’s – also designed to enhance light quality, bring costs down and reduce carbon emissions.

Brighter space

Well-lit, Distribution Centres are not just a ‘nice to have’,  they are also a legally required. You’ll appreciate the health and safety benefits of our LED High-Bay lighting solutions that provide uniform light throughout, and with no dark spaces and good even colour throughout. Employees and customers will feel better too, making their working environment safe and nicer to work in which means an improvement in productivity.

Reduced maintenance

High ceilings will mean expensive maintenance. The cost of access equipment can be a major blip in your running costs and you also have to allow for lamp replacement costs – you may even have to do it outside of normal working hours meaning even higher labour costs. When you also add disruption and reduction of productivity to that it’s a major interruption. Our products have a reputation for reliability and when you consider our high-quality LED’s, further cost reductions are possible.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Businesses are constantly being challenged on how to reduce their carbon footprint. Reducing your emissions through energy efficient lighting is a good way and with our Industrial Warehouse LED lighting providing energy savings of up to 60%, it’s a sensible and simple way to reduce the costs associated with the carbon you produce.

Achieving business goals

We understand the commercial challenges you face, not just from a lighting viewpoint. Our background in lighting means we know what we are doing, we take the time to listen to you, understand your situation, requirements and then advise on the right solutions and alternatives to meet your financial and business needs. We know that every customer requirement is different and also that recommending the right lighting solution for you can directly affect your profitability.

Advanced Control solutions

Our Innovative lighting products are matched by advancements in lighting controls, which which when used together in combination offer you more than ever before. Our technology is always improving, we can now offer both dimmable and controllable LED solutions that work with our advanced lighting control systems ensuring you always have light only where and when it is needed.  Controllable from PC, Tablet or Smart Phone these simple but intuitive options allow for greater savings than ever.

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