There many different commercial lighting types depending on the nature of your Business so if you are:

Or any other kind of property then you will have a mixture of different light fittings – most of which will be unknown to you.  Each of these has the ability to be upgraded to a better quality of light, that doesn’t flicker, doesn’t keep failing is much less expensive to use and costs much less to maintain.

We therefore can offer you the following:-

  • Our Lighting Design service – meaning you can choose the type(s) to suit your business
  • A Lighting Supply service – so once designed we supply them for your contractor to remove and dispose of the old tubes and bulbs
  • A full design, supply and installation operation – a complete turnkey solution from start to finish all fully certificated.

Any of the above services can be fully financed via our unique “Environment Bank” which specialises only in financing green initiatives to save energy.

All of which will reduce your Energy consumption, your CO2 emissions too.

So why not call us today on 0845 838 5242 or send us an email with your enquiry to