About Us

LED Professionals were established in 2008 by Chris Gunn and James Easton who between them have over 55 years in the M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) and Electronics sectors. They joined forces in 2008 to get involved with the new and exciting emerging LED Lighting Business.

James with his electronics background took on the technical responsibility to ensure that the products available were suitable for use and the applications, and over the years has seen many of these systems fail during our quality evaluation and testing stage, mainly due to multiple poor quality low cost poor quality components. Indeed, (as expected) we were offered several these in the UK by less than reputable suppliers ready to make some easy money!

Time and the products have moved on, and LED Professionals work with only a handful of trusted UK suppliers (whose products have constantly proven themselves) and are made in the same factories as Phillips, Osram and Aurora.

We have now designed and supplied multiple systems right across the Commercial and Residential sectors and have built a reputation of reliability and ability to deliver with a full money back guarantee should the products not meet the client’s expectations.

Chris is a specialist in Sales & Marketing in the M&E, HVAC, Building Services Maintenance, and FM Sectors and has multiple contacts throughout the industry, he undertakes the cross over from Initial discussions/evaluation and discussions with clients through to pricing, writing proposals and technical matching.


We don’t know anything about you – Why should we use LED Professionals?

We were established in 2008 and many of our projects can be seen from our website as well as customer testimonials. We have built a “Can do” reputation and have many years of experience with satisfied customers. We can’t afford a bad reputation and in an increasingly competitive sector with more and more low cost, poor quality components this is only set to continue.


What guarantees do I have if things go wrong?

Our products are covered by a 5-year warranty for manufacturing or component defects. In addition we offer an independent full money-back guarantee if our design and products do not meet the design, application or clients requirements.

What after Sales Support do you offer?

In the unlikely event of a system failure, then we will provide a full product replacement through our After Sales care and Technical support department

What are the product lead times?

Depending upon the quantities and types required, these can often be supplied from stock, however for very large quantities then we require a 60-day lead time from time of order.

For any further information, please contact Chris Gunn on either 0844 884 9564 or 07894 204666 or by email: enquiries@ledprofessionals.co.uk